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We attribute the firm’s success to the education that we were privileged and fortunate enough to receive in Botswana. A key part of Batswana culture (and indeed wider African culture) is the concept of Botho, this is a philosophy that promotes the common good of society and includes humanness as an essential element of human growth. In African culture the community always comes first. The individual is born out of and into the community, therefore will always be part of the community.  This concept is also enshrined in the Botswana Vision 2036 and the moves toward developing Botswana as a nation and moving toward high-income nation status in 2036 The Botswana Vision 2036 takes congnisance of both the incredible progress and achievements of Botswana as well as some of the key challenges facing Botswana today as move from middle income status.  Some of the issues identified are presented below:

“While poverty rates have fallen significantly, the prevailing poverty levels are still high for an upper-middle-income country. Poverty is widespread in rural areas, with some areas experiencing rates as high as 46%, and is more pronounced in female-headed households, with high levels of child poverty. Income inequality as measured by Gini Coefficient has also remained high at 0.61 in 2009/10. In addition, the country is faced with high HIV/AIDS incidence rates, in particular among the youth, increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases and a number of social ills such as substance abuse, domestic violence, indiscipline, child abuse, rape and others.

The country is also faced with high unemployment rates (above 20%), especially among the youth. The high youth unemployment is partly due to the fact that the supply of skills from the education sector does not match the needs of the job market. This skills mismatch has led to an oversupply of certain skills in the job market, resulting in high graduate unemployment, even though other skills re in short supply.

Botswana has performed poorly in terms of competitiveness, especially when compared with other upper-middle-income countries. Our Global Competitiveness Report ranking has fallen from a high of 56 in 2008/9 to 71 in 2015/16. While the country has performed well in macroeconomic terms, it has not done equally well in other dimensions, especially in innovation, market size, technological readiness, business sophistication and higher education training.”


In light of the challenges facing Batswana, and in the spirit of Botho, as we grow and build our law firm, we believe we should incrementally increase our contributions to benefit our community. In light of this, the firm’s policy is to support charitable initiatives that are either directly involved in the education of young Batswana and/or in assisting under privileged Batswana children.

In previous years we have made donations for winter warmer collection drives and in 2016 the firm made a donation to Camphill Community Trust in Otse, Botswana. Specifically, our donation was used to purchase desks and chairs for the Rankoromane School, which offers residential care and primary school education for children with learning difficulties from the ages of 5 to 14 years.
The Lead Attorney is an alumnus of Maru-a-Pula School. The name “Maru-a-Pula” means “clouds of rain”, or “promises of blessings”, in Setswana. Never has a school been more aptly named.Maru-a-Pula (MaP) is a world-class school rooted in Botswana and is known for launching Africa’s Leaders. MaP’s purpose is to nurture servant leaders who are deeply committed to helping their communities. To this end, as alumni of MaP, it is the firm’s express wish that as the firm grows so will its contribution toward sponsoring underprivileged children to be able to benefit from the world class education afforded at MaP. To this end, the firm has undertaken to provide an annual donation on an on-going basis to the MaP Orphan and Vulnerable Children Fund.

Founded in 1972, MaP is a co-ed, independent day & boarding secondary school with a reputation as one of Africa’s premier academic institutions. Maru-a-Pula provides full scholarships and partial financial assistance to deserving Batswana students who demonstrate the academic ability to thrive at MaP but who cannot afford the tuition at the school. The Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Fund supports orphans or vulnerable children with tuition, boarding, uniforms, medical expenses, stationery, and other living expenses. We encourage and invite all our corporate clients who appreciate our services to please make a contribution to this worthy cause. More details can be found at:

Ke a leboga, Khan Corporate Law

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